A paradise only for those who are worthy. A place for only the most beautiful and majestic creatures that walks the NFT space.

Majestic Deers is a collection of 8,888 NFTs—unique digital creatures roaming on the Ethereum blockchain. A deer doubles as your Exclusive Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.


The mint pass will give you some extra benefits, but there is a limited supply of only 500 passes.

1. 1 Free Majestic Deer NFT
2. 1 Free Companion NFT.
3. 1 Limited NFT
4. Early Game access
5. Whitelist spots for future launches

The Mint pass will also act as a membership card for members only content that will be activated during our roadmap.

Mint Passes

500 NFTs

Max Mint



0.0275 ETH




All deers are magnificent and unique in it’s own way. Each one of them are programmatically generated from over 150 traits, including clothing, headwear, expression, antlers and more. All deers are beautiful, but some are rarer than others.

Did you know that all deers + all their traits are drawn by hand?!

community first project

We will have at least 1 companion NFT + 1 limited collection that will be free for Deer holders. These new characters will complement the story development and are part of the Majestic Deer Universe.

We have a lot of interesting benefits and giveaways prepared for our community, because you deserve it. They will be unlocked through roadmap activations and future phases.

Members are eligible to claim our utility token $ANTLERS, that will have a double rewards system.

Because we believe that our community is the solid foundation of this project, a share of the royalties will be reinvested back into the project.







Somewhere in the woods where all the Majestic Deers roam, 5 golden deers are amongst them. They remain to be hidden in the dark, but once in a while a golden deer appears out in the open. Those who mint a golden Majestic Deer will be richly rewarded.

Will you be able to get one of them and get to get away with $10,000?!

A golden deer is guaranteed within the first 350 mints.

Golden Deers Available : 5
Chance : 1/500

0 / 350 0%


You will find below the first version of the roadmap. This roadmap will evolve throughout the project to offer new features around the NFT ecosystem.

Set the deers free to roam the paradise. Main sale launch date TBA.

5 ETH in total will be donated to a Charity to be chosen by the community via a poll.

Community Wallet is open. 5 ETH in total will be added to the community wallet.

Community Giveaway: 10x Majestic Deers NFTs.

More NFT collaborations.

Launch the official Majestic Deers Merchandise Store.

Drop FREE merchandise to 250 lucky holders.

5 x 1 ETH Giveaway within the community.

10 ETH in total will be donated to a Charity to be chosen by the community via a poll.

Token Release: $ANTLERS will be available to claim for Deer holders.

10 ETH in total will be added to the community wallet.

Metaverse: Bringing Majestic Deers into the metaverse as part of our unique game.

Huge Community Giveaway: Tesla + Mystery Boxes

Release the companion NFT contract. FREE to mint (+gas) for all Deer holders.

Host a charity event + 20 ETH donation.

Start limited NFT Collection in collaboration with popular brands

TEAm members


A super fan of Iron Man, obviously.


Just here for fun and pizza.


Not gonna lie, addicted to Fortnite.


frequently asked questions

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a blockchain-based digital token that represents for unique assets. You can purchase, store, trade, and sell these tokens. Majestic Deers created a unique collection of digital artworks and established an active community to rule in the crypto space.

Majestic Deers is an NFT collection of 8,888 unique, randomly generated deers on the Ethereum blockchain.

We aim to build an active, supportive community for everyone here while contributing to charity work all around the world. Make sure to join our discord for all the updates.

First of all you will become a member of the coolest community ever!

As a member you will be granted benefits like exclusive members only content and access + unlock perks through roadmap activation.

Oh and we forgot to mention.. You will be able to get a free companion NFT that will be launched start of 2022!

Delevopment of the deers has completed.

Our next step is to bring the word out about our Deers and grow our community before we launch.

Each deer will cost 0.04 ETH ( +gas )

You will be able to mint the deers directly on our website, using Metamask.

For Public Sale, a maximum of 10 Deers per transaction will be allowed.

© Copyright Majestic Deers 2021